i do not fucking care where you live

please spread the word about what is happening in scotland right now

What’s happened? Bad fallout after the vote?

Fascist unionist thugs jeering and picking fights with Yes voters, including stabbing someone and setting fires. There’ve been fights on both sides but that’s the main thing.

Ah, fuck, I was afraid of that after they called it for NO last night. But I hadn’t heard about this until now.

sorry but there has been no violence on this scale started by yes voters. remember that we lost the vote yet it was he winners who are rioting

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What's the best way for a poor person to avoid buying sweatshop stuff? I hate what happens in sweatshops but at the same time my options are limited due to money and what's being sold in my area :( Do you have any advice?






Thrift is the only thing i can think of

Not buying from sweatshops would do nothing to improve the lives of the workers so it’s probably best to not waste energy on shopping “ethically” and concentrate on organising our own workplaces and communities.

Over the past decade, factory and sweatshop workers across East and South Asia have been militantly organising. Their unions are getting stronger, they are taking direct action against bosses and militias, and they are gaining better wages and working conditions all the time.

To boycott the products they make, when no union or sweatshop workers are calling for a boycott, doesn’t strengthen their struggle, it’ll weaken it.

Nike or Primark, whatever you buy you’re buying from exploited workers. And that includes the first world primark shop workers and delivery people. You cannot boycott capitalism under a globalised capitalist system.

Boycotts lead to less profits lead to already exploited workers being laid off. Unless they call for a boycott (in which they’ve hopefully prepared for the fallout) you’re only added more exploitation and starvation. It’s a fucking terrible tight-rope act that was purposefully designed to weaken solidarity and direct action.

#poverty #exploitation #child labor #abusive labor conditions #sweatshops


If you still support FCKH8 even after all the biphobia, fat phobia, sexism, transphobia and NOW trying to profit from Mike Brown’s death.

I got news for you: you’re a shitty activist

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