people who act like the fact that teenagers dislike being separated from their phones is a harbinger of social downfall bother me b/c

yes friend this is a piece of equipment worth hundreds of dollars filled with personal information and ephemeral sentimental value 

woah how unfounded 

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ABC7 News
YOUNG HERO: A 14-year-old Bay Area boy risked his life to enter a burning apartment to save the life of his neighbor, who is disabled. Latrell McCockran then ran back in a second time to also save the man’s dog.


If you’re looking to send things to Ferguson protesters, send them here:

P.O. Box 5277 

St. Louis MO 63115

**Include a return address and a full name**

Some of the things they need: hats, gloves, snacks, scarves, coats/jackets, warm socks, etc. It’s only getting colder in STL so think warm!

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